Renewal and Extension Services

If you need help with any of the above or are asking yourself “How do I renew my PR card” or “How do I get a Work Permit extension”, remember time is of the essence here.
Do not hesitate to seek the help of Payana immigration we will give you the best options to extend your stay.

Renewal and Extension Services

Visa Renewal is important and must be done on time. Each year, thousands of visitors, Work Permit holders, international students enter Canada to pursue their original purpose of stay. After experiencing Canada, many wish to extend their stay beyond the authorised period.

Time is the key here, better to renew before it expires.

Canada Study Permit Extension
Visitor Visa Renewal and Extension in Canada
Renew your Permanent Resident Card (PR Card Renewal)
Super Visa Application and Extension for Parents and Grandparents
Canada Work Permit Extension
Change of Conditions of stay (In other words, Conversion from one visa type to another)
Multiple Entry/RE-Entry Visa Issue/Extension for Temporary Residents in Canada
Work Permits/Study Permits Issue/Extension for accompanying spouses/dependent children

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