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Here are a number of reasons why people opt for the services of a Registered Migration Consultant when making a visa application. Applying for a visa can be time consuming and at times complicated process. Licensed Consultant have specific knowledge and skills that reduce the visa applicant's exposure to undesirable elements of the visa application
Migration law can be extremely complex and change frequently, which leads to difficult for applicant to prepare an application.
Migration rules and regulations are very strict and specific, so an applicant who is unaware of all of the conditions can easily lodge an invalid application.
Visa applicants are not always aware of the most suitable visa for their circumstance because of the numerous visa subclasses - consultant will ensure the most appropriate visa.
Incomplete or inaccurate visa applications will lead to time delay and may possibly require re-application. In addition to that the Government will not refund application fee at any circumstances.
Applicants can be requested to provide more information or attend interviews by the concerned authority. Licensed Consultant is in the best position to guide applicants through these situations.

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Canada’s Express Entry

Canada’s Express Entry is candidate assessment and selection system

Canadian work permit

Canadian Government has created several classes of Canada Work

Canada Tourist Visa (TRV)

You must get your TRV before appearing at your Point of Entry (POE)

Study in Canada

With exceptional word-class facilities, studying in Canadian Universities and Colleges

Renewal and Extension Services

Visa Renewal is important and must be done on time. Each year, thousands of visitors

Business Immigration

Payana Immigration has helped numerous Businessmen and

Canada is planning to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants this year to support the country's high living standards. Are you one of them? Contact us ASAP.

2021-2023 Immigration Plan

Immigration Class 2021 2022 2023
Economic 232,500 241,500 249,500
Family 103,500 103,500 104,500
Refugee 59,500 60,500 61,000
Humanitarian 5,500 5,500 6,000
Total 401,000 411,000 421,000

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